Contact us if you are interested in becoming an Aucademy educator. This would not be set work, but down to you how you wish to engage in educating others about Autistic experience, and down to learners whether they choose your services or topic/s of interest. It may be that you work with us to create pay-per-view online resources; list your services; co-create education tools with us or others to host here – there are any number of possibilities for working together, and we are open to ideas.

Initially, you are welcome to contact us with details of the type of educator you are, the topic/s you cover, and in what capacity you might like to work with us (don’t worry if you’re not sure about any of these things, contact us anyway if you think you can educate others about Autistic experience).

The only set requirements to be an Aucademy educator are:

  1. That you are Autistic
  2. That you agree with the fundamental ethos of Aucademy – which includes:
    1. Using identity-first language;
    2. Working within the principles of the neurodiversity paradigm;
    3. Accepting that learners may be coming to Aucademy with different views to our ethos – it is our job to educate, but we are not here to enforce narratives.

Ultimately, we would like Aucademy educators and collaborators who can be positive role models leading by example, and who can work with diverse learners. Our learners may be Autistic people, non-autistic people, families, professionals, teachers, employers – anyone! The diversity of our learners will mean that we may encounter people who have very limited or problematic perceptions of Autistic experience, and it is our job to educate and lead by example, but it is not our job to foster heated debate.

* Aucademy ethos
** Aucademy is accepting of diagnosed and undiagnosed Autistic people, in-keeping with our guiding principle that Autistic experience is not pathology