Aucademy collaborators, speakers, and guests

Find in this table the collaborators, speakers, and guests we have had on Aucademy. Clicking the topic they covered takes you to their session, and there are also links to their social media, and/or blogs, articles and so on that would be of interest.

NameTopic & linkLinks from guestsBio
Richard Woods
30.05.2020: PDA
Emma Dalmayne
19.06.2020: Autistic woman of colourSusie spins; It’s an Autism thingEmma is an Autistic Woman of Colour, advocate, and activist, fighting against the harm done to Autistic people in the name of “curing” us.
Emma is also the author of two great books explaining Autistic experience in an accessible way for children – “Susie Spins” & “It’s an autism thing: I’ll help you understand”, as well as being the CEO of Autistic Inclusive Meets Community Group AIM, and an admin on the 17,600+ member strong Autism Inclusivity Facebook page.
Kieran Rose He/him18.07.2020: Diagnosis as an Autistic parent; 19.09.2020: situational mutism Web;
Twitter: @KieranRose7
Kieran Rose is an Autistic Writer and Consultant with a background in Primary education and SEN. He is father to two Autistic children, a boy and a girl; and one Neurodivergent child, a boy.
Kim Rhodes She/her02.07.2020/16.07.2020: General; discovery journeyFB:
Jessica Chudasama-Alloway27.06.2020: Women’s journey’sJessica is Aucademy’s part-time Administrative Manager. Jess completed a degree in Psychology, and while a student discovered her Autistic identity, and was diagnosed in 2020. Jessica will be carrying out an MA in Advanced Child Protection starting 2021.
NameTopic & LinkLinks from guestsBio
Jo Richardson17.07.2020: Diagnosis as an Autistic parentFB: Jo is a PDA autistic with ADHD, mother, writer and advocate.
Nicola Wakeling01.08.2020: Questions about eye contact etc.FB:Nicola Wakeling – mother of Autistic children, mindfulness mentor, teacher by profession.
Louis Bishopp-Ford07.08.2020: ADHDLouis Bishopp-Ford was diagnosed Autistic with attention differences as an adult. He believes not knowing he was Autistic when he was younger meant that he could not ask for the support he needed to complete a university degree. Now that he knows about the support he needs, he is currently in his final year of an English and Creative Writing undergraduate degree, and hopes to write better fiction once he finishes!
Sonia Boue21.08.2020: ArtistsWeb Sonia Boué – Artist, her multiform work explores home and the domestic as metaphors for exile and displacement. Sonia has a significant body of postmemory work. She is also a writer on autism and art, and a leading consultant for neurodiversity in the arts.
Annette Foster She/they27.06.2020: Women’s journeys: 21.08.2020: ArtistsAnnette Foster – PhD student in performing arts, investigating Autistic women, non-binary, and Trans people’s experiences via performing arts, creator of Super Autie Grlll and Gang.
Name Topic & linkLinks from guestsBio
Callum Brazzo21.08.2020: Artists; TBA: prideWeb; YTCallum Brazzo – Autistic performance poet, currently working on a direct autistic-led response to Autism Speaks’ 100 Day Kit. Also working on a book called Ripples, a film and a theatre show called Compass, appearing in TEDx talks and TEDx
Mollie Sherwin22.08.2020: ArtistsFBMollie Sherwin – of Crocheted Baby Yoda fame, and illustrator.
Dela Marie22.08.2020: ArtistsFBDela Marie – Autistic parent, who makes comics, muses about neuroscience and learns new things.
Leo Thyme He/him05.09.2020: imposter syndromeLeo is a 33 year old Autistic, transgender male. He loves art, nature, music, podcasts, Star Wars, dogs, and Supernatural. Leo woks in a warehouse position with trading cards.
Tigger Pritchard12.09.2020: Late discovering AutisticFB: The Autism Coffee Shop with Tigger Pritchard Tigger (his real name!) is a 55-year-old who has been a professional for over thirty years, working in early years, residential, respite, school and college. Tigger left education seven years ago to work freelance, and totally loves what he does, he wants people to always feel safe, and he’s extremely passionate about his work!
NameTopic & LinkLinks from guestsBio
Senka Aileen19.09.2020: Situational mutismSenka was born in Vancouver BC Canada where she grew up free-range in the rain forests and ocean shores of the west coast. She was situationally mute in elementary school, in shops or crowds. She suffered extreme anxiety, sensory overload, meltdowns, shutdowns and demand avoidance. Currently, she is a PhD graduate student at the University of Victoria. During her time in university Senka had to devise strategies to manage her differences including the ongoing presence of SM. Speaking is not her bio-neurological communication preference. Senka finds bliss in all things space and astronomy related. She also loves the west coast shores.
Lisa Alvarez She/her26.09.2020: breastfeeding while unrecognised autistic- experiences with hindsight; (possible future topic: bereaved while Autistic) Article:
The breastfeeding network.
National breastfeeding helpline:

FB: breastfeeding with a disability
Lisa Alvarez is a 47 yr old autistic (identified at 45) mother of 2 autistic young people. Lisa breastfed both of her children, one to 1.5 years, the other to 2.5 years. She also trained as a supporter with The Breastfeeding Network and spoke with many other mothers about many aspects of infant feeding. Lisa is not currently a practicing supporter and will be speaking at the event on her personal experiences.
Emma Durman26.09.2020: Pregnancy; Web; FB; Twitter/ @autside_edEmma Durman -is a late diagnosed autistic woman who also has ADHD and several chronic illnesses. She is mum to an autistic non binary teen who also has ADHD. Emma recently graduated with a MSc Autism & Related Conditions from Swansea University Medical School. Emma’s presentation overview Autistic Birth – From the Inside Out Emma is particularly passionate about healthcare equality and social justice, and focussed her dissertation on the complexities of autistic birth, and creating a training package to increase understanding in midwives and other professionals.
Hayley Morgan26.09.2020: The Autistic Birth ExperienceBlog:
Twitter: @HayleyMorganAut
Hayley Morgan is a graduate of Swansea University’s MSc Autism and Related Conditions course. Her dissertation on The Autistic Birth Experience has enabled her to engage with parties such as Birth Rights, Let’s Talk Birth and her work was quoted in documents to the UN on Human Rights in Birth for disabled people. She is currently applying for PhDs on topics she believes will benefit the autistic community. Based in South Wales, Hayley is an autistic mother, wife and advocate.
Abigail Ruffy26.09.2020: Holistic birthwork and supportInstagram: @The_margate_doula instagram; FB:
@abigail_holistic_birthwork on instagram
Abigail Ruffy is a neurodivergent mum to three neurodivergent children. Abigail has worked within the birthing world for over 6 years, and is currently a Doula and a student midwife. Becoming a parent at 19 was difficult especially as Abigail did not understand themselves at that time. Through trial and error and three children later, Abigail learnt how to be a parent. They found their vocation as a birth worker and has been able to build their knowledge and understanding about the pregnancy continuum, forming some tips that may help other neurodivergent people navigate their way through the system when becoming new parents.
NameTopic & linkLinks from guestsBio
Kodie Dalmayne26.09.2020: severe pregnancy sicknessFacebook:
Kodie Dalmayne is Green Streak, a 21-year-old Autistic advocate from London, who makes videos about her life and personal experiences.
Kodie will be speaking about her difficult pregnancy due to suffering with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (severe vomiting during pregnancy) as well as the affects it caused postnatal. Ending with how she is doing now…
Jane Green She/her26.09.2020: Pregnancy and labour risks EDS HSD ‘Issues with our tissues’; 24.10.2020: EDS and autismLinkedin; Web; blog

Jane is a professionally qualified autism educationalist and Assistant Headteacher. She worked in all phases and areas of education. Unfortunately, she was disbelieved to be both ill and Autistic which led to her early retirement in 2015/6 when she received her 2 diagnoses. Her health declined seriously and she feels lucky to be alive.
She now voluntarily advocates for Ehlers-Danlos syndromes and autism in health, education, employment, social care/carers, police and transport accessibility. She founded and Chairs the award-winning SussexEDS group. She is passionate about equality, diversity and human rights and sits on the co-production Steering Board and Trustee at SCIE, the Autism Workforce Group and just been appointed to the strategic oversight group for the OMMT autism mandatory training. She is also engaged in training for 4th-year medical students in a local university. Recent talks included hypermobility in education, the senses, girls/women, work/employment (autism show), neurodiversity hackathons, autism council work and recently designed autism training for Autistic people during Covid era. She is helping to lead the new hypermobility education toolkit for mainstream schools with the two UK main charities coming out soon.
Amy Ashton26.09.2020: Autistic childbearingWeb site: Facebook peer support group: Birth trauma association: Peer support group
Books: The Body Keeps the Score (Bessel Van Der Kolk)
Complex PTSD: from surviving to thriving (Pete Walker)
Amy is a neurodivergent woman and mother, exploring her own neurotype in her 40s as she and her partner learn from raising their neurodivergent 4 year old. Amy is in recovery from complex post-traumatic stress and, although undiagnosed, recognises autistic, ADHD and demand avoidant qualities in herself.
David Gray-Hammond03.10.2020: Addiction; 07.10.2020: voice hearer/psychosis Emergent Divergence on FB;
David Gray-Hammond is an autistic addiction and mental health advocate from the South East of England. He has worked in substance misuse consultancy in his home city of Brighton since 2016, and has worked with commissioners to make sure that neurodivergent people are represented when services are commissioned and treatment policy is written. He writes on the topics of autism, addiction, and mental health, and is also Chief Operating Officer of NeuroClastic, Inc.
Alyssa Hillary Zisk They/them10.10.2020: AAC and Autistic communicationBlog; Twitter; article; article; article; articleAlyssa is an Autistic doctoral candidate in interdisciplinary neuroscience at the University of Rhode Island, and also a math teacher. Broadly, they are interested in issues related to disability and communication, neurodiversity and representation, and the overlap of neurodivergence and queerness. Sometimes they use mouth words and sometimes they use typed words.
NameTopic & linkLinks from guestsBio
Dr Mary Doherty17.10.2020; Healthcare barriers for Autistic peopleTwitter; FB; news; Dr Mary Doherty is an Autistic consultant anaesthetist working in Ireland. She is currently researching barriers to healthcare for Autistic adults and the experiences of Autistic adults using mental health services. She was a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists working group which produced the recent College Report on autism in adults. She provides autism training for medical professionals and advises various medical institutions on autism. Her interests include reframing the tragedy narrative around autism in healthcare, improving the healthcare experience and outcomes for the Autistic community and more recently the presentation of autism in medical doctors. She is founder of the peer support & advocacy group “Autistic Doctors International”.
Yenn Purkis
non-binary, they / them
31.10.2020: GenderYenn Purkis is an autistic and non-binary author, public speaker and community leader. They also have a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Yenn works in the autism / neurodiversity, gender diversity and mental health advocacy spaces. They are the author of eight published books on elements of autism and a regular blogger. Yenn has facilitated an autism support group in Canberra since 2011 and has worked full-time in the Australian Public Service e 2007. They have received many awards for their advocacy work over the years, including the 2016 ACT Volunteer of the Year Award and the 2019 ACT Chief Minister’s Inclusion Award. Yenn is a public speaker of almost 20 years’ experience and has presented at a range of events including at TEDx Canberra in 2013.
Nick Walker
TBA: Neurodiversity
Joseph RedfordTBA: Pride
NameTopic & linksLinks from guestsBio

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