Dr Chloe Farahar & Laura Kerbey of Positive Autism Support Training chat about Autism, Autistic Stigma and mental health. We discuss why autistic individuals experience higher levels of anxiety and ways to increase autistic well-being.
Chloe & Harry, discuss Aucademy’s purpose & ethos; why Aucademy is needed; & the issues with non-autistic-led organisations & research. We also address two mental health questions from the previous live
Dr Chloe, Harry, and Linara discuss: Being Autistic, Mental Health Acceptance and Stigma – mild swearing, discussion of mental health conditions and stigma, but no discussion of self-harm or suicide
Dr Chloe Farahar & Harry Thompson have a chat and answer (some) questions – STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING
Live Q&A with Harry Thompson and Dr Chloe Farahar – STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING
Dr Chloe Farahar & Harry Thompson talk about some of the things! Masking, overwhelm, shutdown, burnout- STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING
Q&A With Dr Chloe Farahar & Harry Thompson – STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING