Payment page for confirmed 1-2-1 appointments with Dr Annette Foster

Safeguarding reminder: when confirming a consultation please provide a valid telephone number and address where you will be based when attending the consultation online so that emergency services can be called if you become at risk of harm or harming others.

Terms of service: once a consultation booking is confirmed with Annette the consultation fee needs to be paid prior to attending the consultation (using the payment options at the end of this page). In the unlikely case that Annette should need to cancel the consultation last minute you will have the choice to re-book another date or be refunded in full.

If you need to cancel please inform Annette as soon as possible. Cancellations within 48 hours are non-refundable.

If your consultation booking has been confirmed you can pre-pay for your appointment here:

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  1. I also left this on your FB page. Hoping for reply. “I’m a neurodivergent psychiatric Nurse practitioner and proud mom of an autistic son and proud grandmother of an autistic grandson. I’m going to be giving an hour long talk on health disparities and autism for the hospital at which I work at end of April. I want to do it from an affirmative identity first perspective, not traditional “medical model”. I really want autistic voices to be heard. I love the post entitled “I love someone neurotypical” cus think the satire will help drive my point home. Can I use it? Who should I credit? Anything else you can recommend? Thank you so much! “

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