“I just really wanted to say a huge thanks. You’ve helped me so much. The validation that you gave me has brought about this huge shift of me embracing my autistic identity for the first time which has genuinely improved my mental health so so much. I feel like a have a present and a future and I can care for my traumatic past.

This morning was a great achievement that really illustrates how big this shift is for me. My daughter wouldn’t go into school this morning. We had 3 teachers around trying to coax her. One came towards me with her big loud voice ready to take her out of my arms. This has previously caused me 3 day long meltdowns as the forced transition into school for me and both my kids is really really tough. I very clearly and firmly told her to wait and give [child’s name] whatever time she needs to transition. In the past I could NEVER EVER do this! I had lost all my self advocacy and assertive skills. Now I can show up in the world as autistic and advocate for mine and my children’s needs openly. This is huge for us.

I had no one else to share it with so I hope you don’t mind me sharing with you. 

I’m loving following Aucademy and Harry and Tigger, slowly finding an autistic community.

Thanks so much to all of you,

Much love


P.s Stimmy balls!”