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At Aucademy© we are a new home for Autistic learning and the education of non-autistic people about Autistic experience

Thank you to all the wonderful learners and educators who nominated Aucademy in the ITV national diversity awards, 2021.
“The best way to learn about autism is from Autistic educators. Therefore, we founded Aucademy – an Autistic-led educative platform comprised entirely of Autistic academics, researchers, teachers, speakers, trainers, and advocates. Here at Aucademy we voluntarily educate for Autistic and non-autistic learners regarding the Autistic experience.”

Dr Farahar’s brief video on neurodiversity inclusive teaching for mixed-neurology classes

ONE: Aucademy bitesize: Autistic basics: What is “autism” & what is Autistic experience?

Dr Chloe Farahar and fellow presenters and educators David Gray-Hammond and Tigger Pritchard ask: “Have *you* been accepted by an Autistic person?”

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Autistic identity, culture, community, and space for well-being

Review by Katie Munday (they / them) Dr. Chloe Farahar explores the creation and importance of Autistic identity, culture, community, and space for well-being in their chapter of the same name in The Routledge International Handbook of Critical Autism Studies. Chloe has a PhD in social psychology specifically attempting to improve the dominant discourse surrounding…

Dr Chloe Farahar for the BBC Newsnight piece: “Tensions build between autism researchers and the Autistic community”

Only a minute of Dr Farahar’s interview could be included in the BBC Newsnight piece: “Tensions build between autism researchers and the Autistic community”. They also discussed during the 45 minutes not aired: Sadly, with the limited representation of Dr Farahar’s key points, the YouTube comments are distressing, ableist, and reactionary. We recommend avoiding the…

Neurodiversity! What’s that? An introduction to neurodiversity for kids

Book review by Katie Munday (they / them) Written by Nadine Arthur, Neurodiversity! What’s That? is a fun, neurodiversity-affirming, educational book for children aged 8 plus. Nadine Arthur is an Autistic parent and full time carer of her Autistic ADHD son. She grew tired of professionals telling her about her son’s numerous disorders and searched for…

Living under the double rainbow: Trans and non-binary Autistic narratives

by Katie Munday (they / them) Abstract / summary: Clinical impressions suggest a significant overlap of Autistic and transgender / non-binary identities. Most of this work focuses on prevalence rates and the perspectives of non-Autistic cisgender professionals and parent / carers, leaving the narratives of trans Autistic people overlooked. This study aimed to share trans…


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