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At Aucademy© we are a new home for Autistic learning and the education of non-autistic people about Autistic experience

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“The best way to learn about autism is from Autistic educators. Therefore, we founded Aucademy – an Autistic-led educative platform comprised entirely of Autistic academics, researchers, teachers, speakers, trainers, and advocates. Here at Aucademy we voluntarily educate for Autistic and non-autistic learners regarding the Autistic experience.”

Dr Farahar’s brief video on neurodiversity inclusive teaching for mixed-neurology classes
Dr Chloe Farahar and fellow presenters and educators David Gray-Hammond and Tigger Pritchard ask: “Have *you* been accepted by an Autistic person?”

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The Autistic Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference 1st – 2nd May 2021

Aucademy are very pleased to be co-hosting an Autistic mental health event in 2021 with Reframing Autism, and one of our valued contributors David Gray-Hammond of Emergent Divergence. Donation tickets to be released early 2021. Pop this in your calendars! “We are so excited to bring you this event in May 2021, a collaboration with … Continue reading The Autistic Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference 1st – 2nd May 2021

Tigger Tuesdays – video shorts

Tigger Pritchard, who produces video shorts called “Coffee with Tigger”, is kindly, lushly, gorgeously sharing his video shorts with Aucademy for Tigger Tuesdays. Tigger’s video shorts look at the amazing Autistic world, with guests, reviews, tips, ideas and advice. From The Autism Coffee Shop with Tigger Pritchard, Facebook page, Podcasts and more. Hosted by Tigger, … Continue reading Tigger Tuesdays – video shorts

Language for the bin (& what to use instead)!

Picture of words for the bin and words to use instead. Written as text further down the page. In the bin Keep, practice, and role model Person with autismOn the spectrum Autism DiseaseDisorderIllnessMental illnessProblemIssueDeficitImpairmentPathological  Challenging  Violent  Low functioningHigh functioningSevere/mild autism  TraitsSymptomsRisk of autism CureTreatmentInterventionStrategies  Behaviour  Special interests Autistic person   Neurodevelopmental differenceNeurodivergenceDifference       Challenged by e.g. the environment  Anxious; distressed; meltdown  Support need/s – … Continue reading Language for the bin (& what to use instead)!

How do I Get my Child to…X?

Saturday 15th August 2020 – by Harry Thompson It is no secret to my listeners, readers and friends that in my experience in working with PDA families, I have come to loathe one, simple question: “How do I get my child to X?” Now on the surface, this question may seem harmless and reasonable, but … Continue reading How do I Get my Child to…X?


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