Tigger Pritchard (he/him)

Recently identifying as Awesomely Autistic, Tigger (he/him) is an educator and presenter for Aucademy, also hosting short videos about his Autistic discovery journey on Aucademy’s “Tigger Tuesdays”.

Tigger also shares his journey, self-understanding and personal insight via his YouTube channel and Instagram posts. Via his social media platforms, The Autistic Coffee shop with Tigger Pritchard and Coffee with Tigger, he avidly and passionately shares information/articles helping others to understand the world of Autistic, PDA and neurodivergent experiences. Tigger also volunteers within the Autistic community. Running a parent support group in Cornwall and a PDA support group across Devon and Cornwall, in England.

With over thirty two years of professional and personal experience. Tigger Pritchard, (Him/he) has worked alongside, learnt from and advocated for neurodivergent individuals. As support worker, advocate, teacher, facilitator, trainer, manager, lecturer and friend.

Using his extensive experience, knowledge and teaching practice, Tigger passes on his skills through training and consultancy work across the whole of the United Kingdom, and across the globe, face to face and online. Advising individuals, families, corporate organisations and educational settings on a consultancy basis.

Tigger is a regular presenter delivering for many major organisations and national / international conferences. In addition, also a conference organiser, having designed Cornwall’s first Pathological Demand Avoidance and online Autism Conferences.

Tigger interviews Sam Story about how to tell young people they are Autistic

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