Welcome to Aucademy©

Here at Aucademy© we are Autistic academics, researchers, teachers, speakers, trainers, and advocates educating on Autistic experience for Autistic and non-autistic learners, because the best way to learn about autism is from Autistic educators.

We are newly forming and our Aucademy© will be growing in the months to come. For instance, our online education tools will be growing, why not take a look at our current videos and live-streams.

What People Say

I feel more knowledgeable and better able to support my autistic relative. I am eager to learn more.

Webinar attendee 2020

It was really helpful to find out current thinking and research findings as so much has evolved in last couple of decades. When outside of academia, it is harder to know/keep up as less access to journals, papers etc.

Webinar attendee 2020

You say whistle stop tour, I say, you’ve covered more, and far more appropriate stuff, than during my whole MSc in autism! Thanks.

Webinar attendee 2020

Let’s educate together.

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