David Gray-Hammond (he/him)

David Gray-Hammond (he/him) is an Autistic mental health, wellbeing, and addiction advocate and consultant. After overcoming addiction and psychosis, and leaving his career path in forensic science, he found himself diagnosed Autistic. He found his way into the Autistic community through his love of writing, and it was through his writing that he first came to speak in an Aucademy session.

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After several successful livestreams, David was invited and agreed to come on board as a permanent educator and presenter at Aucademy.

David’s specialisations range from experiences of addiction and mental health in the Autistic population, to various topics of wellbeing. He also has a significant interest in Forensic Psychology, and the link between autism and criminality.

"We must continue to dismantle the stigma surrounding neurodiversity and mental health so people can see us for who we are. The diversity of minds is one of the things that makes life beautiful, and we must fight to show the world our beauty.

-David Gray-Hammond, Autistic mental health and addiction advocate"
Text reads: "Disability is not a dirty word. Many autistic people consider themselves disabled, according to the social model of disability. We must respect this, and not distance ourselves from it. When we, as Autistics, try to distance ourselves from disability, that is ableism.

-David Gray-Hammond, Autistic advocate"

David hopes to one day write a book on his experiences of addiction as an Autistic person and the systemic issues he faced in recovery. He runs the Facebook page “Emergent Divergence” and also runs a blog of the same name at Emergent Divergence.

David is the former Chief Operating Officer for Neuroclastic Inc., a large blog platform showcasing neurodivergent voices. David himself writes on the topics of autism, addiction, and mental health.

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"ABA is a symptom of a society that value neuronormative ideals over the beauty of human diversity. It is a symptom of a society that fear neurodiversity.

We must teach our children now to fear those who appear different, but instead to embrace the beauty of a diverse world.

-David Gray-Hammond, autistic advocate"
David discussed the importance of all forms of media for Autistic wellbeing with Chloe

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