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Starters – introductory topics

Aucademy Educating: Autistic wellbeing: What works? – 1hr 47 mins
In this video Dr Chloe Farahar discusses Autistic wellbeing (anxiety; overwhelm; harmful stims; voice hearing; depression; etc.); what does and does not work to improve Autistic wellbeing (e.g. adapted CBT); & the importance of Autistic identity, culture, community, & space for wellbeing.

Aucademy in discussion: Four Autistic women and their Autistic journeys – 2hrs 25mins
In this video four Aucademy Educators discuss their journey to discovering their Autistic identities.

Mains – topics in depth

Aucademy – Autistic pregnancy & postnatal experiences event – 5 hours 20 minutes
This video is the recording of the live Autistic pregnancy & postnatal experiences event held 26th September 2020. This one-off, online event approached the topic of pregnancy & post-natal experiences for Autistic &/or neurodivergent people, & we were honoured to host a number of Autistic child-bearers, parents, researchers, & professionals.

Aucademy educating: Working With Neurodiversity In Mind – What Can We Learn From Lockdown? – 1.5hr
In this video Dr Chloe Farahar, an Autistic academic, helps you recognise what can be learnt from the lockdown to help you create a strong neurodiverse workplace.

Aucademy in discussion: The “violent” meltdown fallacy – 1hr
In this video Dr Chloe Farahar & Harry Thompson discuss in detail Autistic overwhelm, meltdown, shutdown, & burnout, & the fallacy of “violent & challenging” behaviours, with some practical tips & advice to help you or your Autistic person thrive.

Aucademy in discussion: Interview with Emma Dalmayne, Autistic Woman of Colour, advocate, & activist – 1hr
In this video Dr Chloe Farahar interviews Emma Dalmayne, where Emma discusses POC Autistic experiences and the support these minorities need. Emma is an Autistic Woman of Colour, advocate, and activist, fighting against the harm done to Autistic people in the name of “curing” us.

Aucademy Educating: Autistic sensory differences & stimming for wellbeing – 1hr
Annette Foster explains Autistic sensory processing differences; the need to regulate via self-stimulatory behaviour – stimming; harmful stims; providing a mindful stim session to round off the hour. TO BE RELEASED 2021

Desserts – sweet, brief topic videos

What is Neurodiversity?  – 6 mins 28 secs
In this short video Dr Chloe Farahar explains what neurodiversity is, and how this relates to the need to be accepting of neurodivergent ways of experiencing the world, such as being Autistic, having attention differences (ADHD/ADD), and voice hearing.

Neurodiversity Inclusive Teaching – 3 minutes
In this 3-minute video Dr Chloe Farahar explains what neurodiversity is; what falls under the neurodiversity umbrella (spoiler – everyone does!); challenges and strengths of being neurodivergent; the psychology discipline attracts neurodivergent students; how we can accommodate and be inclusive in seminars.

The importance of language – what’s in a name? – 6 minutes
In this 6-minute video Chloe Farahar explains the importance of understanding the Autistic communities preference (on the whole) for identity-first language.

Aucademy Educating: How do I Get my Child to…X? – 6 mins 58 secs
In this 6.58-minute video Harry Thompson talks about a common question he gets asked that may seem reasonable but is actually problematic.

What is Autistic stimming? – 3 minutes
In this 3-minute video Annette Foster explains Autistic sensory processing differences; defines Autistic stimming; & gives examples; touching on the topic of harmful stims. TO BE RELEASED 2021

Mindful stim video – 5 minutes
In this short video, Annette Foster guides you with a mindful stim meditation. TO BE RELEASED 2021

Mindful stim audio – X minutes
In this x-minute video a number of Autistic people provide guided mindful stim audio to help you relax – there are X versions, so hopefully you will find one that is right for you.