Aucademy – Autistic pregnancy & postnatal experiences event

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This five hour event was originally hosted live 26th September 2020 – payment buttons are at the bottom of this page

Aucademy hosted its first online conference on pregnancy and post-natal experiences for Autistic and/or neurodivergent people.

This one-off, five hour online event approached the topic of pregnancy and post-natal experiences for Autistic and/or neurodivergent people, and we were honoured to be host a number of Autistic child-bearers, parents, researchers, and professionals.

The full details of the conference are down the page.

The speakers were a mix of Autistic/neurodivergent researchers, professionals, and parents delivering discussion on various topics relating to pregnancy and post-natal experiences as an Autistic child-bearer (*note an attempt not to gender the event, as trans men and non-binary people can have children. Speakers spoke to their experiences based on their gender, but acknowledged pregnancy, childbearing, and child-raising are not gendered experiences).

All speakers aimed to end on a positive note about the strengths of being an Autistic childbearer, and the ultimate aim of the event was to arm you with knowledge, personal perspectives, and practical advice on being Autistic going through pregnancy & the birthing experience.

Webinar recording details:

Time on videoSpeakersTopicWarnings
20 seconds inHayley MorganThe Autistic Birth Experience – Q & A will be answered in Facebook chat 
43 mins 52 secs inLisa Alvarez & Amy AshtonBreastfeeding when Autistic; pregnancy & birthing experience when undiagnosed – Q & A will be answered in Facebook chatBleeding nipples; baby sicking up blood; birth trauma
1 hour 54 mins 45 secs inKodie Morris DalmayneHyperemesis Gravidarum (severe vomiting during pregnancy) – Q & A will be answered in Facebook chatSevere vomiting; mentions injections
2 hours 35 mins 28 secsEmma DurmanAutistic Birth – From the Inside OutBirth trauma; consent
3 hours 23 mins 17 secs inJane GreenPregnancy and labour risks with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome hypermobility spectrum disorder (EDS HSD): “issues with our tissues”Pregnancy and labour risks
4 hours 9 mins 30 secs inAbigail RuffyHolistic birthwork and support 
4 hours 54 mins 37 secsChloe FaraharEvent wrap-up and thanks 

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