Currently our online resources will be growing as we do. In the meantime, the following are training or topics we already cover, and ones that we could offer as live webinars, with the potential to be online pay-per-view videos. If we have sufficient interest in any of the training’s we will set up webinar dates (online seminars), typically priced at £15 a ticket for single webinars (as a guide. This does not include the short course offered).

We can also deliver these training sessions offline. Please use the form below to enquire about prices for the sessions or short course you are interested in hosting offline (prices will include trainer fees, and travel and accommodation, dependent on venue location). For offline events you wish to host, Aucademy provide the option of assisting you with promotion of attendance, as well as organising ticket sales via Eventbrite if the cost is to be incurred by attendees and not the host institution.

Training and/or topics we currently offer (enquire if there is a topic you are interested in not stated here):

  • “Autism”/Autistic experience
    • Theory, praxis, and practice
  • Neurodiversity paradigm
  • Autistic culture
  • Peer support and structured support
  • Mental health
  • Stigma
  • Pathological Demand Avoidance
  • Mindful stimming
  • Neurodiversity in the workplace

  • Autistic wellbeing
  • Lived experience – personal narratives from Autistic educators
  • Autistic and neurodivergent relationships
  • Masking; overwhelm; meltdown; shutdown; burnout
  • De-gendering Autistic experience – not males versus females
  • Autistic employment

New in 2020: 

  • Autistic wellbeing: What works: In this training Chloe discusses the evidence for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as a therapy for Autistic people who have anxiety, depression, and/or low self-esteem, and why Autistic people need Autistic identity, culture, community, and space for better mental wellbeing – 2 hours
  • Working with neurodiversity in mind: What can we learn from lock-down? In this training session Chloe helps you recognise what can be learnt from the lock-down to help you create a strong neurodiverse workplace.

Single sessions and a short course:

  • Autism; mental illnesses; and neurodiversity: Why we are all weird, but nobody is ill – A short course (this is a three-session short course that includes some of the following stand-alone talks/workshops) – 6 hours
    • The Evolution of Neurodiversity: A Critical Perspective of Mental Health Workshop (alternative title: The Stigma of Mental Health Experiences: How Can Psychology Tackle It?) – 2 hours
    • Autism Spectrum Disorder Workshop – 2 hours
    • Changing Behaviours. Social psychology: Changing mental health stigma – 1 hour
    • ​Psychology of Decision Making – 1 hour

For universities (adaptable for mainstream secondary schools):

  • Neurodiversity Matters for Students: Knowledge and practical skills for neurodivergent students engaging in research – 2 hours
  • Neurodiversity Matters for Supervisors: Knowledge and practical skills for supervisors of neurodivergent students engaging in research – 2 hours

Theory into practice: 

  • Autism Theory and Practical Skills Training: In this training we provide a theoretical understanding about autistic experience and practical knowledge about how to best support autistic people in whatever capacity you come into contact with them. – 2 hours

Events for whole schools (also adaptable for use with families, parents, and professionals):

  • Neurodiversity event (for young pupils, year 7): An age appropriate half-day event for young school pupils to learn about neurodiversity and different types of neurodivergence – 3 hours

Please use the following form to discuss your training/education needs (you can also enquire about any topic not covered above):