Autistic language processing hypothesis training

In this workshop Rachel Cullen dives into their hypothesis on Autistic language processing and how to apply it to real world contexts. They have an educational background in language, linguistics, and autism. This workshop encourages questions and examples so that we can work through how this might be processed from an Autistic perspective.

Disclaimer: the Autistic language processing hypothesis has not yet been substantiated in research, which would allow the hypothesis to be generalised to Autistic people. Therefore, it is only a hypothesised version of Autistic language processing and not a full theory as of yet. This also does not take into account co-occurring language differences such as an Autistic person who is also dyslexic.

Workshop overview:

  • Introduction to who Rachel Cullen is and their background & experience
  • General overview of the language hypothesis
  • Discussion of a few common examples such as explaining why ‘how was your day’ may not the best question to ask an autistic person.
  • Participants can discuss any examples they would like explored
  • Tailored section for the context of the attendees such as education, health, and social care, parents, autistic people themselves etc. This will be discussed in advance of the session.
  • Q & A

Each individual workshop suits a two-hour (or more) timeframe to incorporate interaction, reflection, and discussion.  

Attendees: There are no limits as to the number who can attend, and workshops are appropriate for all age groups and backgrounds (upwards of age 14 years+.


Online training: Training sessions are £130 per hour, per trainer for online training, plus £100 for a recording of the session hosted privately by Aucademy for attendee personal use.

In-person training: Training sessions are £160 per hour, per trainer, plus travel for in-person training (plus food if whole day/s wanted), plus £100 for a videographer to attend and provide a recording of the session hosted privately by Aucademy for attendee personal use. A booking of four hours minimum is required for in-person training. Please confirm in-person training with us before using our booking system.

If you are a charitable organisation with limited funds still get in touch and we can see what we can do – we never want to price out organisations wanting to improve their understanding of Autistic experience.

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