Katie Munday (they/them)

Katie Munday (they/them) was diagnosed Autistic and OCD in their late 20s. They also suspect that they are ADHD.

They have worked with Autistic and Disabled children since 2012 through nursery work, social groups and sports clubs.

Katie is currently studying an MRes in Gender Studies. Their research aims to collect and represent first-hand experiences of transgender and / or non-binary Autistic people.

Katie also reviews books for Routledge Publishers and contributes to an LGBTQIA+ Autistic blog: AIM for the Rainbow.

They have recently started mentoring, consultation and training on Autistic experience.

They are also a new mum and in their spare time (!) they enjoy anything to do with wrestling, drag, D&D, fantasy and comic books.

They can be contacted on Twitter and Facebook under the name Autistic and Living the Dream.

Read their pieces here:

And find their website here: http://www.autisticltd.co.uk

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