Language and narrative: Fostering a positive Autistic identity for wellbeing


In this talk Dr Chloe Farahar, an Autistic academic, discusses the importance of moving away from a pathologised, medical “culture of autism” to the positive Autistic identity that can be found via Autistic culture, community, and space, demonstrating how this narrative switch improves wellbeing.

Session overview:


  • A rose by any other name would smell…of stigma
  • The problem – stigma
  • Pathology paradigm
  • Language shaping stigma attitudes and behaviour


  • What is “autism” and what is Autistic experience
  • Mind your language
  • The “culture of autism” vs. Autistic Culture
  • Fostering a positive Autistic identity via culture, community, and spaces for wellbeing
  • Q & A

PLEASE NOTE: if you are booking this training it is a two trainers session, which is £100 per hour per trainer (negotiable for charities and those with limited funds. Contact if you are not sure or need to discuss this)

Each individual workshop suits a two-hour (or more) timeframe to incorporate interaction, reflection, and discussion.  

Attendees: There are no limits as to the number who can attend, and workshops have been delivered to both small (e.g. 10) and large groups (80+).  Workshops are appropriate for all age groups and backgrounds (upwards of age 14 years+, and 10 years+ for the neurodiversity day event), and have been carried out with: teenage school children; foundation degree students; degree students; charitable organisation staff/volunteers; Metropolitan Police personnel; support and well-being staff etc.

Fees: Training sessions are £100 per hour per trainer. If you are a charitable organisation with limited funds still get in touch and we can see what we can do – we never want to price out organisations wanting to improve their understanding of Autistic experience.

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