Aucademy in discussion: Four Autistic women and their Autistic journeys

Recorded and originally aired: Sat 27th June, 20:00-22:00 BST/London

In this video four Aucademy Educators discuss their journey to discovering their Autistic identities.

Talk outline:

1. Chloe’s journey (she/they) – growing up as an Autistic child not knowing she was Autistic; discovering later in life why she was always “weird”; isolated and alone; finding the Autistic community and relationships; challenges and strengths

2. Linara’s journey (she) – dyslexia; bullying and impact later in life; Autistic relationships

3. Jess’s journey (she) – adult diagnosis; synaesthesia; connecting with the Autistic community

4. Annette’s journey (she/they) – adult diagnosis, misdiagnosis, needing to articulate women, non-binary, and trans people’s experiences; the importance of Autistic culture and language, e.g. stimming, and why it’s important

We end with asking the audience to engage in mindful stimming with us and how it feels to be pulled out of it.

We created this video for free, but we would welcome a very small donation so that we may pay the speakers for their time and work. Please consider donating £1 here.

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