Blog post – Chloe

One of the most important pieces of research for the Autistic community, and to educate non-autistic people, demonstrates that Autistic people do not have deficits in social communication, but that there is a translation issue between Autistic and non-autistic people (known as the Double Empathy problem by Dr Damian Milton – an Autistic academic). This important piece of research by Dr Crompton shows that communication between Autistic people is stronger than between mixed neuro type groups – Autistic and non-autistic groups.

This has implications such as not placing the onus on Autistic people having a problem or deficit, and asking that non-autistic people work to learn the language and communication of Autistic people.

See here a short video explaining the study, and the video below of Jac den Houting discussing the double empathy problem, as well as the neurodiversity paradigm to replace the medical paradigm.

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