Aucademy is pleased to have recorded this interview with Emma Dalmayne discussing POC Autistic experiences and the support these minorities need.

Emma is an Autistic Woman of Colour, advocate, and activist, fighting against the harm done to Autistic people in the name of “curing” us.

Emma is also the author of two great books explaining Autistic experience in an accessible way for children – “Susie Spins” & “It’s an autism thing: I’ll help you understand it“, as well as being the CEO of Autistic Inclusive Meets Community Group AIM, and an admin on the 17,600+ member strong Autism Inclusivity Facebook page.

Trigger warnings: Please note that Chloe and Emma discuss some incredibly distressing topics relating to the mistreatment of Black and Persons of Colour Autistics, there is also mention of rape and death threats that Emma has received for campaigning against harmful “autism treatments”.

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